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How to start a website with Wix?

Wondering about how to start a website without techie stuff, or being nerd. There are tools and services to do that. And is one of them. Wix is a great easy to use platform, that you can start your website in 1 hour. Yes, it doesn’t feel right but it’s the truth. And the end product, which is your website, will be a very professional looking site. It can be any kind of or type of site. Check these site layouts and prepare to be surprised: , or , or a portfolio, , . As you see, your new site is going to look professional, modern and gorgeous. Also all of these sites will be mobile ready. They look great on mobile devices.
So, are you excited? Let me share the things you need to know about Wix:

Wix offers options for those who do not want to pay for the website with promotions such as free internet site, free website setup, free web site making, free professional website, web page. Wix users are increasing rapidly. You can really create a free site. However, this will have some disadvantages. If you want to eliminate the disadvantages, you will have to pay a fee.

Professional looking sites: If you want to create a nice and interactive website but you don’t know the coding, wix may be the best bit alternative. If you look at some examples of websites prepared with Wix, they are beautiful and professionals. It is surprising that these websites were created by non-professional web designers. Therefore, Wix is ​​a web design environment that you may want to test. Designs are updated with the latest trends and can make your website look really good. You can start with a blank template or you can start on one of the ready templates. You can also take advantage of the image library and not go to search for images.
Wix offers you up to . You will probably find someone to suit your needs. They all look like designer templates and are available for free Wix users. Wix has designs and industry tools that encompass all the templates you can imagine; For example: Small businesses, , Designers, , Accommodation, . Moreover, wix is ​​expanding by developing extra features that are not included in many ready-made templates. Wix offers many professional templates. If you are not a creative type and need help creating a beautiful design, Wix’s templates will help you. In addition, the templates have sample content, so you can make the entire web page creation easier for you by changing your own content.
seems to be the most innovative website builder among its competitors. We have a history of adding new tools and designs on a regular basis. This means that even if it does not currently have a specific feature, they are likely to add at the request of a sufficient number of users.
Artificial Intelligence: Also ADI — Artificial Intelligence Design — with almost all of your web site to automatically create a path is moving. Now, it’s quite innovative and takes Wix to a completely different level against its competitors. Thanks to ADI, the system learns and applies.
Wix’s designs are compatible with the latest design trends. For example, you can create one-page parallax designs, add background videos, create different background sections, all without touching codes (just dragging and dropping). This is important when you want a platform that can grow with you as your website needs increase. An innovative drag and drop website builder. New and innovative easy-to-use features that can be created by drag and drop without touching the codes are constantly being offered. Wix has effectively eliminated your need for design skills. If you don’t have a clue as to where to start, how to combine colors correctly, what looks good or not, Wix will solve many of these problems for you with your own templates. Simply select a favorite design and add your own content. However, it is not only wix that has this advantage.
Support and assistance available from anywhere. Many pages have help-specific help buttons. There is also a telephone hotline. One of the most useful features is that each process has a separate help button for that section. So there is not a single help page, but a help page based on your location. You can to solve your problem. Or you can use . Or .
When editing a site, you will see what you see on the screen when it is published. This is called WYSIWYG. Wix takes about 20 minutes to learn. It might seem a little complicated at first. But for those who do not know the web design should be considered normal.
You can edit your Wix mobile site separately from your desktop site; so you can create a unique mobile experience. Wix offers you a unique mobile editor, allowing you to edit the mobile version of your site separately from the desktop version of your site. If you want to hide or rearrange specific content of your webpage on your mobile screen, Wix gives you the flexibility to do so. Wix also offers a Mobile Action Bar, a small bar that appears at the bottom of your mobile site screen, allowing visitors to search by email, find your address on a map, or see your social network profiles in just one hour. One touch. For example, if the phone touches the icon, they can call you directly. Touching the email icon opens your email application.
There are many applications in the Wix application market. These applications include newsletter / email marketing, live chat (for customer service), references, contests, booking / booking / scheduling tools, price tables etc. Allows you to add functions / features to your website as well. Essentially, you can extend the functionality of your website and have some advanced features with these applications; all without having to know the encoding or running any encoder.

Disadvantages of building a site with Wix

Changing templates is difficult: Although you can choose from Wix’s pre-made designer templates, one of the drawbacks is that when you select a template to use, you cannot switch to another template without relocating your content. When you switch to another template, you’ll need to recreate your pages (or copy and paste your content to the new template). So, it’s best to test a few templates before you start adding your own content (such as text and images), and if you want to change designs later, you’ll have to re-enter your content.
Visible ads on the free platform: If you’re using Wix’s free website builder, you’ll see the ad logos at the bottom of the webpage after you publish it. All free website founders have their own advertising credits. To remove ads, you’ll need to upgrade to at least the “Combo” premium package.
Inadequate for E-Commerce: If you want to set up an online shopping mall, Wix’s e-commerce tools aren’t advanced enough to help you manage your store exactly. But to be fair, most e-commerce tools have better than most standard website builder. However, wix announced that it has developed e-commerce tools.
It does not allow code editing (HTML, CSS): Another disadvantage is that Wix does not allow you to edit HTML or CSS code. Therefore, this option is not yet available if you want to make very specific design edits through codes.

Wix is for you?

If you don’t know the coding, Wix can help you build a professional-looking website if you don’t have a lot of time or a big budget. But you will bear the disadvantages.
It’s easy to use (drag and drop), affordable (you don’t need to spend too high numbers), and you can publish the first version of your website in less than a day (no need to spend weeks or months). You can then continue to improve. With Wix, you can put something that touches your teeth in a day.
As mentioned above, Wix is ​​one of the most innovative website builders to date. They are constantly adding advanced features and updated designs to make the website builder easy and fun for its users.
In other words, if you have started using wix, 80 percent of your website is already finished. After that, it’s up to you. What’s more, thanks to the intelligent design tool, you can even automatically utilize your existing website. This is a fairly new and amazing feature.
Although Wix sites are said to be incompatible with search engines, wix claims the exact opposite. Google is friendly and all search engine optimizations are expressed. Wix websites were created using HTML5 and AJAX technology. Therefore, based on the Google statement above, the technology Wix uses to help you build your website is fully recognized by Google.



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